Ina Davis

August 13th, 2018

“I have a treadmill at home and when I walk on that I have a lot of pain in the area where I did the surgery (low back), but when I use this machine, I exercise and there is NO pain.

When I’m on this treadmill there is no pressure on the (low back) area or on my legs. It’s a miracle. I can get my workout with no pain.”


Hasaan Walker

August 6th, 2018

“I had trouble walking, bending, going upstairs, standing for long periods of time and also sitting. Mostly all of the everyday routines were hard. With the help from the people of Complete Physical Rehabilitation (Dr. Asha Koshy and the team – Diana, Giselle, Krys, Eric), I can bend, kneel, walk up stairs, etc., all with less discomfort. Doing daily activities is improved and I can bowl again!!!”


Maria Cota-Pulawski

August 6th, 2018

“After physical therapy here, I have noticed a BIG improvement in my daily activities, along with significantly less pain throughout the night. I am starting to regain some of my daily activities that I lost due to the pain, which I’m very happy about. The personnel is very friendly, pleasant, and, most importantly, professional.
Thank you to the staff at Complete Physical Rehabilitation!”