Back To Sports With Physical Therapy

October 20th, 2017

For high level athletes, returning to sport as efficiently and effectively as possible is of the utmost importance.  In Alaine’s case, her elbow and hamstring injury had severely impaired her ability to compete as a world class judo competitor.  But on the recommendation of her brother, also a high level judo competitor as well as a former patient of ours, she got into the clinic right away and, with the guidance of Dr. James, got right back to wor

Back Pain And Why You Should Stretch

October 10th, 2017

Pain and flexibility.  In Physical Therapy, they are so closely intertwined, as flexibility is almost always one of the main culprits as to “why” you have pain, and also one of the primary solutions as to how to get rid of your pain.  When a back pain patient starts up a course of Physical Therapy in the Jersey City or Elizabeth clinic, we always incorporate an extensive stretching regimen, and there’s a very simple reason why:

Finding Balance With Physical Therapy

October 6th, 2017

Sometimes, when physical issues happen, it’s the mental rigors of an injury that can be more challenging than the physical ones.  With Gloria, it was no different.  After suffering from multiple physical issues, including low back and leg pain, Gloria’s anxiety about getting through each and every single day had increased significantly.