The Top Home Exercises For Sciatica (Part 3)

August 29th, 2017

So you’ve gotten through part 2 of my top home exercises for back pain due to sciatica without pain.  Great!  Looks like you’re progressing quite well with my 3 Phases of Healing.  I think it’s time to take these Physical Therapy exercises to the next step and get up onto our feet, shall we?

The Top Home Exercises For Sciatica (Part 1)

August 15th, 2017

When undergoing a course of Physical Therapy for sciatica, an efficient recovery includes home exercises that patients must complete in order to have the best chance and reducing pain symptoms and getting better faster.  Studies have shown that skilled Physical Therapy in the clinic in conjunction with a good home exercise program produce the best and most efficient recoveries from back pain due to sciatica. 

So what we’ll do is go through my top home exercises for sciatica that I regularly recommend for all my back pain and sciatica Physical Therapy patients

Taking Time In Physical Therapy

August 11th, 2017

Have I really made sure that my patient has all of their questions answered?  Do they feel secure about this visit?  These are questions that I’m always asking myself when my patients are progressing through their Physical Therapy visits. 

And this is exactly why we, as a group of Physical Therapists, have made it our company culture over the past 13 years to make sure that we take our time with our patients, and that all their needs are met during each and every visit.