Physical Therapy After A Fall

January 19th, 2018

There are many reasons that our patients come to us for physical therapy.  Many come due to a sports injuries, neurological conditions, and post surgery physical therapy.  Right up there at the top of the list is injuries sustained as a result of a fall.  When it comes to falls, age, gender, or activity level all do not matter.  Falls can really cause a lot of damage to the human body.  Luckily, physical therapy can easily help you get back!

Taking Time In Physical Therapy

August 11th, 2017

Have I really made sure that my patient has all of their questions answered?  Do they feel secure about this visit?  These are questions that I’m always asking myself when my patients are progressing through their Physical Therapy visits. 

And this is exactly why we, as a group of Physical Therapists, have made it our company culture over the past 13 years to make sure that we take our time with our patients, and that all their needs are met during each and every visit. 

Success Using Physical Therapy With A Smile

July 28th, 2017

Before every Physical Therapy appointment in Elizabeth or Jersey City starts, just that simple “Hi, how are you?” with a smile has worked wonders with our patients and their outlook on how today’s appointment is going to progress.  What’s even more rewarding is that our patients are appreciative of the effort and are taking that positive attitude back out into their daily lives!