Solving Neck Pain With Physical Therapy

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Neck pain can really wreak havoc on everyday life.  In general, many people don’t realize how directly connected the neck is to other parts of the body, especially its’ immediate neighbor, the shoulder.  The can lead to problems trying to complete simple everyday tasks, such as reaching for a high object, or even scratching one’s own back.  Many people come in to physical therapy asking our physical therapists to look at their shoulder, but we usually have to remind them that the source of the pain might be coming from the neck, so that would have to be checked as well.

For Florentina, she was able to solve her pain problems using a specialized physical therapy plan from Humberto that focused on getting her back to being able to perform her everyday activities with no pain.  We are so happy to report that by sticking to the plan, Florentina is now pain free and back to her normal activities with no issues at all.

If you’re looking for a way to get back to pain free living, call and schedule an appointment now in the Elizabeth or Jersey City physical therapy clinics!

I had been suffering with neck pain going down to my right shoulder.  The pain was severe most of the time.  I couldn’t even wash my own back in the shower due to the pain.
I’m so thankful to Humberto and happy to have had my therapy at Complete Physical Rehab.  I feel completely better now and can do all the things that I used to do, even more.  The pain is pretty much completely gone!
I love the whole staff.  Everybody understood the patients’ needs & conditions and were always attentive while treatment was going on.  I couldn’t have been happier with my time there!

-Florentina Maulit



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Dr. James Pumarada is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 18+ years of experience. He is a Sports Therapy Certified therapist, focusing on treating and training runners of all levels, and is a certified Vestibular therapist, specializing in the treatment of all dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance issues.

He is the co-owner of Complete Physical Rehabilitation, a Physical Therapy practice based in Elizabeth and Jersey City, NJ.

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