Squid Compression Therapy

With the ever-increasing amount of people exercising today, it can be cross-fit, powerlifting, Barre, or just doing exercise programs at home, there will always be an increased number of instances where you can get injured.


You may have done more reps, lifted more weight, or cycled for an extra 15 more minutes on your Peleton. Now you feel sore or have swollen joints, or just have that ever-present delayed onset muscle soreness.


What do you do?


We have a solution for you, it’s called the squid compression device.


The squid compression device is great to use for :


  • Injury Relief and for Joint Pain
  • Injury Recovery
  • Performance Recovery


At Complete Physical Rehabilitation, we provide this treatment within a physical therapy session, or can be provided a la cart as part of your wellness regimen, or as part of an annual membership.

The treatment can last up to 15 minutes.

The squid targets the tissue with a deep cooling effect that can reduce the swelling without medications very quickly and improve your ability to get back to your work, sports , or life activities as quickly as possible.

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