We Create Physical Therapy Believers

As we celebrate another National Physical Therapy Month, I took some time to really think about the Physical Therapy field.  I thought about why I got into this field, what drew me to it, what continues to drive me, and what I hope to accomplish in this field.

My conclusion is that it comes down to the transformative effect that Physical Therapy can have on the lives of patients.  More often than not, I have patients walking into the office who have heard the words “Physical Therapy” but were not really sure as to what it actually entailed and how it would be able to help them.  When that happens, I love watching as each patient progresses because I can see exactly what is happening.  As each patient gets better, see that my staff and I have created another “Physical Therapy Believer”.  And it really is a joy to see.

When Sister Miriam walked into the clinic, she had heard of Physical Therapy.  After a significant fracture severely limited her right arm, she was concerned that because she was a little bit older that she may not have been able to achieve a good outcome.  After a course of treatment, she is now not only able to have full use of her arm, but she was shocked to see that she can lift a weight high above her head proudly!  I’m glad to say that we’ve created another believer!

Because of the multiple fractures, it was extremely difficult to perform normal daily activities. Eating, washing, dressing, doing simple chores, and making the Sign of the Cross presented serious problems.
Since attending Physical Therapy here, my daily life has improved immensely. I am now functionally doing almost all of the activties performed before the fall. Due to my age and the severity of the injury, I am more than pleased at my progress.
I liked everything about the treatment given at Complete Physical Rehabilitation. The friendly atmosphere, the respect, and the personal interest exhibited are outstanding.
Humberto was my therapist throughout and I credit him with the wonderful progress I have made. His expertise, compassion, and words of encouragement helped me accept every new challenge. He never allowed me to say “I can’t”.
Now, when friends ask how I am, I can truthfully reply, “Thanks be to God and to Complete Physical Rehabilitation I am doing really well!”

— Sister Miriam Evanoff


%name We Create Physical Therapy Believers

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