Physical Therapy & Back Pain Success Story

It is of the utmost importance for myself and the staff to get people better and back to their daily lives first and foremost.  That should always be the #1 goal of any Physical Therapist.  For us, in addition to that, we always place the comfort of our patients as an extremely close #2.

We know that coming to Physical Therapy can be challenging at times.  Patients come to us in pain, and we are very understanding of the fact that pain is a very difficult thing to deal with on a daily basis.  So when patients tell us that they got better AND enjoyed coming in for their visits, there’s nothing more that we could ask for.  We want you not only recover, but to do so in a comforting environment that is conducive to your recovery.

We are so thrilled that Theresa was able to get the help that she needed through her Physical Therapy stay with us in our Jersey City clinic.  After suffering with back and neck pain through most of her life, we were able to help her achieve a fantastic Physical Therapy outcome using evidence-based practices and our AlterG Treadmill, all while making sure that she enjoyed herself during her stay with us.

“I initially came to Physical Therapy because of severe neck and lower back pain. This condition has been lifelong.
Now, my daily life is much improved. I have learned to sit properly at the computer so that my neck and shoulders do not become strained. I can bend down easily to pick things up and I am able to exercise without pain.
I enjoyed the exercises and the therapists thoroughly explained how to do them properly as well as explained why each exercise was necessary to my recovery.
I especially liked the cordial and friendly attitude of the therapists and the staff. Each one made me feel welcomed, and each one was dedicated to helping me get better.”

— Theresa Brown

%name Physical Therapy & Back Pain Success Story Physical Therapist Humberto Colmenares w/ Theresa Brown


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