Back To Playing With Grandchildren After Physical Therapy

There is an old saying that we hear a lot of in our clinics, and it goes a little something like this: “Pain is a fact of life when you get older.”  Well we’re here to tell you that pain may come as a person gets older, but it does NOT have to be an everyday reality.

There is always something that can be done, and that something is physical therapy.  With a great physical therapist, any aches of pains can become a thing of the past!

For Olga, a longtime patient, we were so happy to help her get rid of her pain.  As a new grandparent, she began to experience common pains associated with small child care, including arm pain in her elbow from carrying the child, combined with neck pain.  The pain made it difficult to enjoy life with her granddaughter.

But as a past patient, she knew that she could count on Dr. Asha and Diana to help her get rid of her pain.  And we’re happy to report that she’s now back to the wonderful life of a grandparent with no pain whatsoever!

I came to physical therapy because I was in a lot of pain from my condition.  I was unable to move my arm without pain or carry my granddaughter.  And now I am happy to say that I am able to do all of that without pain!

I am able to do things that I haven’t been able to do in years, and now I am back to being able to pick up and play with my granddaughter.

I am very happy to have gotten to know everyone here in the office.  Everyone has always been so kind from the moment I entered to the moment I left.  I am so happy to have found this clinic!  Thank you for everything!

– Olga Scuderi

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