No Dizziness After Physical Therapy

For all our dizziness and vertigo patients, we always get the same reactions as they go through their Physical Therapy sessions:  “I wish I had known years ago that Physical Therapy could help my dizziness!”  Unfortunately, many patients and doctors don’t know that a Physical Therapist can specialize in treating vertigo and dizziness dysfunctions.  I, along with Dr. James, have been treating vertigo and dizziness for over 18 years now, and we are the only clinics in Elizabeth and Jersey City to specialize in treating these conditions.

One of our most recent successful dizziness patients, Luz, certainly fell into that category.  After suffering for years from dizziness problems, she didn’t know that Physical Therapy could help her until she was finally referred to us from an ENT specialist that knew about our vestibular Physical Therapy program for vertigo and dizziness.  And we are happy to say that, after years of suffering, she is completely symptom free!

elizabeth+nj+vertigo+dizziness+physical+therapy+patient+luz+robles+complete+physical+rehabilitation No Dizziness After Physical Therapy

“I was so dizzy in doing everything in my daily life. I had been suffering for years. I am so happy to say that I’m not suffering anymore, as the dizziness is completely gone!
With Dr. Asha and Diana’s help, along with their program, I can do anything I want now with no dizziness at all. At first, I wasn’t sure that PT could help, but after sticking with it, I’m a believer!
I am so thankful to the very friendly and sweet staff and their patience with me. I am so happy to have my life back.”

— Luz Robles

elizabeth+nj+physical+therapy+specialist+asha+koshy No Dizziness After Physical Therapy

Dr. Asha Koshy is a Physical Therapist and co-owner of Complete Physical Rehabilitation in Jersey City and Elizabeth, NJ.

She is a McKenzie certified back pain Physical Therapist specialist, an LSVT BIG certified specialist for Parkinson’s Disease, and also specializes in treating Vestibular conditions relating to vertigo, dizziness, and other balance disorders.

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