Last Minute NYC Marathon Tips

It’s here.  The race we’ve all been waiting for & looking forward to:  The NYC Marathon.  For us in this clinic, it’s the big daddy.  All of our runners in Elizabeth & Jersey City are trying to get in those last appointments with our Physical Therapists in order to finalize any last minute preps or treatments for any nagging injuries.

If you’re one of the runners that happens to be feeling perfectly fine and are just itching for the race to come on Sunday, here’s a few last minute tips that you may have forgotten about.  Some are quite obvious, but the excitement of the race just might have you forgetting a few things here and there.

Have Your Clothes Prepped On Friday

The day before the race can be full of a lot of different emotions for runners.  There could be some “good” nerves, especially for first time runners.  And nerves can cause things to slip our minds.  In addition, there’s thinking about meals, how you’re going to hydrate, how you’re going to get home, etc.  Because of this, we recommend to have your actual racing gear, pre-race, and post race gear all set out by Friday, Oct 30.  If you have everything set out, then you can focus more on mentally, physically, and nutritionally prepping yourself on Saturday.

Think About Your Chafing Strategy

It’s not a very commonly thought about topic, but chafing of the nipples, leading to bleeding nipples, is a real thing.  Those fancy moisture wicking shirts that you wear during races do wonders with removing sweat from the top of the skin.  But you have to remember:  keeping your skin nice and dry opens the door for chafing, as those shirts are also going to be rubbing up against your dry skin as you’re running the race.  Nipple cream or taping of the nipples is a nice quick method.

Put Your Name On The Front Of Your Shirt

If you’ve seen the pictures, then you know that the crowds that line the streets of the marathon route are enormous!  I myself have stood out there with the crowds to support my running friends and clients.  What you might not know, especially if this is your first time, is that the crowds are tremendously supportive and friendly.  Write your name on your shirt and the crowds will call you out, yelling words of support and encouragement all along the marathon route!

Have Your Post Run Hydration & Nutrition Planned Out

You’re going to be exhausted after the race, so that won’t be the time to try to figure out where the food and water is.  In addition, you can’t just go stuffing your face right after the race.  Have your snacks and drink ready.  And remember, SMALL QUANTITIES EVERY 10-15 MINUTES is the way to go.  You’ve undergone an extremely strenuous sport.  You can’t shock your body by stuffing it.  Slowly introduce nutrients to your system and your body will repair itself properly.

Don’t Forget to ENJOY YOURSELF

I think it should go without saying:  enjoy the view.  All your hard work is now going to pay off.  Just don’t be so focused on finishing that you forget to enjoy the ride.


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