Balance And Shoulder Pain

Another day, another huge success with Physical Therapy in Jersey City!

One of the things that we realize is that not all Physical Therapy clinics are made equal.  We weren’t the first clinics for Physical Therapy in Jersey City and Elizabeth, NJ, and we won’t be the last.  But what we try to make sure is that we offer the best care possible, ESPECIALLY if you’ve had a bad experience elsewhere.

This was the case with Nelly Torres.  After having a not so great experience at another clinic, her daughter found our Jersey City Physical Therapy clinic on Google and was confident, based on the reviews of past patients, that Nelly would have a better experience.

We are proud to report that after undergoing and sticking to a Physical Therapy program created by Humberto Colmenares, Nelly is back to her old self, much to the delight of herself and her family!


%name Balance And Shoulder Pain We’re thrilled with Nelly’s outcome with Physical Therapy in Jersey City!


“My daughter helped me look for a place that was really good. I had been to another Physical Therapy place before in Jersey City and was not satisfied at all. Here, Humberto and his team are incredible!
Before Physical Therapy, I was really bad. I lost my balance constantly and had trouble moving my arm in every direction.
Over time, they’ve helped me to build my trust in walking and moving my arm again. I’m able to walk, go to the supermarket, and do a lot of things around the house that I used to do. Even reaching for something on a shelf is easy again.
I’m so glad that my daughter found this place. It’s like a family group. In the mornings, when I woke up, I just couldn’t wait to come to Physical Therapy because they made it feel like a second home. Thank you so much to Humberto and the whole staff!”

— Nelly Torres

If you’re looking for a better experience with Physical Therapy where you can get better faster, make an appointment, just like Nelly did, with our Jersey City Physical Therapy clinic today!

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