First Visit – Physical Therapy

Upon your first visit, you will be evaluated by your treating Physical Therapist.

This Physical Therapy evaluation will take into account:

  • Your current medical history
  • A short examination that will determine your general health
  • An extensive examination consisting of a number of different tests and procedures that will evaluate the problem(s) or condition

Note: Please be sure to bring in your completed Registration Forms

After the Physical Therapy evaluation, your Physical Therapist will give you a prognosis. This prognosis is the Therapist’s expected optimal level of improvement for your problem(s) or condition and the amount of time that will be needed to reach this level.

Along with your prognosis will be an in-clinic plan of treatment for your problem(s) or condition. This plan may include gym exercises, manual therapy, Physical Therapy modalities, or the new AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill (if applicable).

Patients will also be given instructions for home and an extensive home Physical Therapy exercise program (if needed) in order to proactively treat the condition when not in the clinic. Patients are strongly encouraged to follow the home Physical Therapy exercise program, as studies have shown that patients that follow their home exercise program can experience a shorter, more efficient overall Physical Therapy length of stay.