Feeling “Totally Different” With Physical Therapy

It’s easy for me as a Physical Therapist to tell my patients that they’re lives are about to be completely changed for the better because they’ve made the decision to come in for Physical Therapy.  But it’s even easier for me to prove my point when they actually begin their Physical Therapy, because it’s one thing to say it, but another thing to see it working on yourself day after day.

I’m so glad that my Physical Therapy patients recognize the real, life-changing effects that their Physical Therapy program has had on their lives and I’m even happier when my patients are able to enjoy the little things in life again.  Sometimes, as with Leonel, we take for granted even the smallest enjoyable activities in our lives, like sitting and watching a sports game on TV.  But it’s always possible to get back to enjoying life again with Physical Therapy!


%name Feeling Totally Different With Physical Therapy


“When I came here a month ago, I was feeling dizziness all the time. I had dizziness for four years already; when I used to watch the football games on TV, when I would wake up in the mornings, and even to walk, I would feel dizzy and get nausea.
When I started therapy and the exercises, I thought to myself that this was a game, and that this wouldn’t work.
But Dr. James explained to me how my eye problems and surgeries may have affected my vision. He showed me how to use my eyes to my advantage to fix the problem. As I came here and did the exercises, little by little, the symptoms got less and less, until last week (Labor Day Week), my symptoms were gone. I couldn’t believe it!
Now with the exercises Dr. James and Dr. Asha gave me, I don’t have any dizziness symptoms at all. I can enjoy the simple things, like walking or watching football on TV, now. I thank both Dr. James and his wife, Dr. Asha for their help because I feel totally different now

— Leonel Lopera

%name Feeling Totally Different With Physical Therapy

Dr. James Pumarada is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 18+ years of experience. He is a Sports Therapy Certified therapist, focusing on treating and training runners of all levels, and is a certified Vestibular therapist, specializing in the treatment of all dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance issues.

He is the co-owner of Complete Physical Rehabilitation, a Physical Therapy practice based in Elizabeth and Jersey City, NJ.

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