Eliminating Back Pain With Physical Therapy

One of the most important things that I try to tell everyone is not to wait when you get that first bout of back pain.  It’s EXTREMELY important that you get into Physical Therapy immediately to have your condition properly assessed by a Physical Therapist, as leaving it alone will only lead to an increase in symptoms, possibly then spreading to other parts of the body.

With Jennifer, although she did experience an unfortunate bout of back pain which then moved into her shoulder and neck due to overcompensation, I am happy to report that with Physical Therapy, we were able to help her rid her life of back pain symptoms completely!


physical+therapist+dr.+james+with+jersey+city+physical+therapy+patient+jennifer Eliminating Back Pain With Physical Therapy


“I came in to Physical Therapy in January due to increased back pain that seemed to be spreading to my leg and left hip. It hurt to bend and also to run/jog for a small amount of time. My neck and shoulders also felt tight and perhaps spreading to my left arm. I was afraid to carry my usual bags to work and around the large school where I work.
After Physical Therapy, those problems decreased significantly – and since the summer – have gone away ENTIRELY! I feel stronger and more able to exercise and lift weight.
The staff is friendly, patient and accommodating. Dr. James is very knowledgeable and explains everything well. I feel he really addressed my back, neck, jaw, and leg/hip problems. I like that he gave me a home regimen to do also.
I would commend Complete Physical Rehab to all!””

— Jennifer Strong

physical+therapist+physiotherapy+jersey+city+elizabeth+nj+james+pumarada Eliminating Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Dr. James Pumarada is a licensed Physical Therapist with over 18+ years of experience. He is a Sports Therapy Certified therapist, focusing on treating and training runners of all levels, and is a certified Vestibular therapist, specializing in the treatment of all dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance issues.

He is the co-owner of Complete Physical Rehabilitation, a Physical Therapy practice based in Elizabeth and Jersey City, NJ.

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