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Wellness Through Physical Therapy & Acupuncture In Elizabeth & Jersey City, NJ

Since 2004, our Elizabeth and Jersey City clinics have excelled at offering the most complete rehabilitation programs available, centered on our specialized one-on-one Physical Therapy & Acupuncture services for pain, dizziness, and vertigo relief.

Our ultimate goal is that when your time with us is completed, you will have long-lasting relief AND the knowledge and tools needed to prevent the return of future symptoms.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, including the FIRST LightForce® laser therapy treatment programs and the FIRST AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmills in Elizabeth and Jersey City, in addition to specialties in vestibular rehabilitation for dizziness and vertigo, Parkinson’s disease PT, and McKenzie-Certified back pain relief, our staff is fully committed to enhancing your quality of life.

Read REAL Reviews On What We Can Do For You!

“marked Improvement In My Daily Routine!”

“Having been diagnosed earlier with osteoarthritis, my doctor recommended that I undergo right knee replacement. However, I thought of going to physical therapy first, hoping that my walking and other activities would improve. There has been a marked improvement in my daily routine as well as my outlook on life. I feel a lot better now. Apart from the excellent treatment, the personal attention from the therapists and their able assistants and staff all contributed immensely to the improvement in my physical well being. I’ll have no second thought in recommending CPR to my friends and family”

-Ronald Allarey
Jersey City & Elizabeth, NJ Physical Therapist
A Runner's Inspirational Battle With Lyme Disease

Even though the marathon was cancelled in 2012, understandably, due to the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we still would like to congratulate our friend Anna on all her years of hard work with us! Thank you for wanting to share your story. You are an inspiration to all of us, and we will be here to help you prepare for next year’s marathon! We would also like to encourage everyone to please donate to www.redcross.org to help all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Every bit helps!

-Anna Meirana
“the Therapy Was Spot On!”

“I came for physical therapy due to lower back pain and nerve pain going down my leg. Doing everyday chores was difficult and walking was painful. Standing for long periods of time and exercise were also challenging. I really liked how my therapist explained what was going on. The therapy was SPOT ON and helped improve my condition. This is my 2nd round of physical therapy with Complete and I would not hesitate to return if I feel the need. Humberto and James are humble and dedicated to the health and well being of the patients. They’re very conscious, concerned, and have created a nice atmosphere for rehabilitation!”

-Lillian Reed-Serles
“i Have Less Pain And Increased Flexibility!”

“I had pain in my neck which interfered with flexibility and mobility. I had difficulty turning my neck when driving and discomfort when carrying any extra weight. There was also discomfort during sleeping which caused a decrease in my sleep, overall. Now, I have less pain and increased flexibility and strength. My sleep is also much better due to less discomfort in my neck. The physical therapists are very dedicated and attentive to the patients and the staff are so friendly and pleasant. I highly recommend Complete Physical Rehabilitation. I am grateful that they have been a huge part of my healing process!”

-Judith Rojas
A Return To Life After Total Knee Replacement

Jackie came to us after having a total knee replacement done on her right knee. Initially skeptical as to whether or not she would ever lead a normal physical life again due to the extreme limitations and pain she was experiencing, we are happy to report that with a lot of hard work, our physical therapy efforts have paid off! Having surgery does NOT mean that you will be a step behind everyone forever. With Physical Therapy, you can make your way back to a normal life!

-Jackie Moses
Gloria Duff
"back To Walking Without Pain!”

“I am now able to walk as much as I like without pain in my leg. My muscle tone has been restored, and I can use my right shoulder without pain. I like how patient and diligent the staff was in working to return me to normalcy. I would refer everyone here without hesitation!”

-Gloria Duff
“big Improvement In My Daily Activities!”

“After physical therapy here, I have noticed a BIG improvement in my daily activities, along with significantly less pain throughout the night. I am starting to regain some of my daily activities that I lost due to the pain, which I’m very happy about. The personnel is very friendly, pleasant, and, most importantly, professional.
Thank you to the staff at Complete Physical Rehabilitation!”

-Maria Cota-Pulawski
“i Can Bowl Again!”

“I had trouble walking, bending, going upstairs, standing for long periods of time and also sitting. Mostly all of the everyday routines were hard. With the help from the people of Complete Physical Rehabilitation (Dr. Asha Koshy and the team – Diana, Giselle, Krys, Eric), I can bend, kneel, walk up stairs, etc., all with less discomfort. Doing daily activities is improved and I can bowl again!!!”

-Hasaan Walker

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  • Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.

  • The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long- term damage to your spine.

  • Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long- lasting results.


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The Top Specialists in Physical Therapy Jersey City & Elizabeth

In addition to providing first-class services, our staff has focused in the following areas.

Head Therapy Jersey City & Elizabeth, NJ

Vestibular Specialists (Dizziness/Vertigo)

Top northern New Jersey specialist, 20+ years of experience, the ONLY certified Vestibular PT providers in Elizabeth & Jersey City

elizabeth nj physical therapy back pain specialist jersey city Dr. Asha

Back Pain Specialists

Reach for new levels of back pain relief with our McKenzie-Certified Spine treatment. Our Elizabeth & Jersey City Physical Therapists will have you pain-free in no time.

Physical therapy Technique Jersey City & Elizabeth, NJ

Parkinson's Disease PT

Get your movement back today at the ONLY LSVT BIG Certified Physical Therapy Clinics in Elizabeth & Jersey City!

lightforce laser therapy pain relief jersey city elizabeth nj physical therapy complete physical rehabilitation 2

Laser Therapy Pain Relief Treatment

Non-surgical, drug-free, 100% painless, ZERO side effects. Get pain free in MINUTES with the fastest pain relief treatment method available.


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