Our Physical Therapy Reviews & Testimonials


Physical Therapy patient Theresa Brown with her Therapist in Jersey City, Humberto Colmenares

“I initially came to Physical Therapy because of severe neck and lower back pain that affected every aspect of my daily life.  I had very limited movement from side to side in my neck and my back pain was such that it was difficult to stand, walk, and sit for long periods of time.  This condition has been lifelong.

(Now) My daily life is much improved.  I can now turn my head far enough to clearly see when backing up my car.  I have learned to sit properly at the computer so that my neck and shoulders do not become strained.  I can bend down easily to pick things up and I am able to exercise without pain.

I especially like the cordial and friendly attitude of the therapists and the staff. Each one made me feel welcomed, each one was dedicated to helping me to get better.  I enjoyed the exercises and the therapists thoroughly explained how to do them properly as well as explained why each exercise was necessary to my recovery.  I have recommended this facility to everyone I know!”

On the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill -  I left exhilarated and energized while using the AlterG.  My knees, joints, & ankles had no stress or pain which is very much different from when I exercise on solid ground.  Without the AlterG, I tire easily, my lower back and hips begin to ache about five minutes into the exercise, and my knees hurt.

I was skeptical at first;  I did not believe that I would be able to use it for a full 30 minutes.  However, once I began to use it I was pleasantly surprised at the endurance I was able to acheive.  Most amazingly, I am able to job and even run using the machine.  Without it I would never dream of attempting to job for longer than 5 minutes & running would be out of the question!” – Theresa Brown*



“I feel like doing more.  I had no pain on my knees, ankles or back.  It is more comfortable than on a regular treadmill, like I was walking on air.
The new treadmill is awesome.  I love walking on it.  I have a treadmill at home and when I walk on that I have a lot of pain in the area where I did the surgery (low back), but when I use this machine, I exercise and there is NO pain.  When I’m on this treadmill there is no pressure on the (low back) area or on my legs.  It’s a miracle.  I can get my workout with no pain.” – Ina Davis*




“My doctor recommended Physical Therapy at Complete Physical Rehab because I was diagnosed with cerebral vestibular dysfunction in my right ear.  Due to this I used to get frequent dizziness for short periods of time anytime during the day/night.  The dizziness affected my day to day activities and at that moment could not even stand and just felt like sitting still for a while.  Some of the tasks difficult to do were walking, running, doing office work, going out alone, etc.
I feel more confident after the therapy and have seen that my dizziness has drastically come down.  I feel the exercises taught in therapy are very helpful and I will continue to do these for the rest of my life.
The doctor and the staff have been very cooperative.  Dr. James has clearly explained what my problem was, why, and how each exercise is useful as part of the treatment.  He also recorded the exercises and narration on video for my future reference and has answered all my doubts and questions in very convincing manner.  I feel very very confident now about my daily activities.
My experience here with CPR has been very pleasant and I would like to thank Dr. James & staff for assisting me with my health issues. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! – Satish Bellur*




Dr. Alberto finishes the New York Half MarathonPhysical Therapist Dr. James and a patient in Jersey City

“Heel & Achilles pain had limited my functionality, specifically running hip first, heel following.  And because I (was) discouraged, (I was) unable to exercise as I was used to.

Now I am free to return to running.  I learned to walk -> run, I followed the protocol, exercises, stretching, basically my functionality improved as my form shaped up.

The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and particularly caring; essentials to help and to feel the gentle push towards regaining health.  A great group of professional staff that worked hard for me to work hard and heal.”

 (transcribed from AlterG Treadmill video testimonial) “What is interesting is that on a regular treadmill I am not running as fast as the speed that I am running here because it is more difficult to run; more afraid of doing it.  It’s easier, I can run without the fear that I’m going to re-injure myself because I’m lighter, I can take the steps the way I’m prescribed to take the steps.  The other one, it’s more difficult to adjust.  It’s easier to run the way I should run. To learn how to run well, I can learn it here much easier, faster than on a regular treadmill.

On a regular treadmill I’m feeling tired faster and I have to rest a little more.  With this one I can continue my day without feeling tired.” – Dr. Alberto Goldwaser*
**Update – As a result of his Physical Therapy, inclusive of the AlterG Treadmill, Dr. Alberto was able to get back into shape faster and in time to attain his goal of running the NYC Half Marathon.  Congratulations, Dr. Alberto!



“My neurologist wanted me to come to Physical Therapy because the recovery from a concussion in March 2013 was going slower than he had hoped.  He recommended CPR in particular because of Dr. James’ expertise in vestibular rehab.

The concussion/post concussion symptoms that lingered have been mainly migraine headaches and dizziness along with occasional forgetfulness or absent-mindedness (more than before than concussion).  From time to time, the dizziness has been severe with nausea.  It was bad enough to take time off from work.

Dr. James approached the rehab/treatment holistically so the concussion symptoms have come under control and the migraines which I suffered even before the concussion have decreased in number.

While there was a general set of rehab exercise, the treatment was carried out in a varied manner so I never fell into a routine as I did at some other rehab facilities.  I definitely would recommend CPR to friends and family!” – Toru Johnson*



Physical Therapist Dr. Asha with a patient

“I came to physical therapy for muscle pain on my hip.  I was in a lot of pain when I first came in.  Now, I feel so much better and there is barely an pain at all!  I definitely feel an improvement.  I can sit and get up without pain and now I can get back to doing whatever I want!  I really loved being in the clinic.  Everyone always welcomed me with a friendly smile.  They are all very nice and always have the funniest stories!  Thank you so much!” – Nicole Campos*


Humberto with a Jersey City Physical Therapy patient

“I was referred to Complete Physical Rehabilitation following a hiking injury that required intense surgery to repair my foot and ankle.  Prior to Physical Therapy I was unable to perform any daily activities that involved applying pressure to my foot and ankle or even flexing my foot.  I was unable to walk, properly go up and down stairs, or perform basic tasks around the house.  I couldn’t even stand while showering!

My daily life has improved tremendously after attending Physical Therapy at Complete Physical Rehabilitation!  Following a course of carefully planned exercises, tailored to my needs, I was able to regain function in my foot and ankle.  In a matter of months I progressed from not being able to even move my foot to walking and now jogging!  I am able to perform most, if not all, of the daily tasks I used to be able to do.  The best part of all, I am able to hike again!

The first thing I noticed at Complete Physical Rehabilitation was the friendly client-centered atmosphere.  Each person working at Complete Physical Rehabilitation took the time to learn the name and face of everyone who walked through the door.  Right away I felt comfortable and secure in the hands of this facility.  For three days a week, over the course of several months, I was always greeted with a smile by everyone from the front desk to the gym.  In addition to the friendly environment, I was always taken care of as if I was the only patient in the office.

Each Physical Therapist, assistant, and aide took the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and always had patience and compassion when I was struggling with an activity.  I would most definitely refer friends and family to Complete Physical Rehabilitation.  It it because of their knowledge, tailored exercise programs, and kindness that I am back to all of my old activities! – Julie Boland*



I was diagnosed with vertigo.  When the neurologist suggested physical therapy I was a total skeptic.  I could not sleep as every time I turned over everything would spin.

Now, I can function normally, with 100% improvement.  After one visit, I went home and felt no basic difference until I went to bed that night.  One visit to physical therapy and I slept all night with no problems.  With vertigo you are a captive in your home.  I now feel totally “cured”.  I am NO LONGER a SKEPTIC but an ADVOCATE.  I tell everybody:  GO TO PHYSICAL THERAPY. ” – Maureen Wexler*



transcribed from video:
“My injury is called Lyme Disease/arthritis. Since 2009 I have been treated for problems (in) my back, feet, hip, and shoulders. My active lifestyle was shut down many times but thanks to PT I was able to get it back. In a few occasions over these past 3 years I couldn’t walk, I could go to work, I couldn’t live the life of a healthy 37 year old person. I got everything back and even if there will be still ups and downs I’m able to conduct a normal life again.

I was unlucky enough to come here many times for my (numerous) problems with Lyme disease but VERY lucky to find an amazing professional staff who treat me not just as a patient but as a human being. In the “lows” of this disease there were also tears but I always left this office with a smile and a positive attitude.

A Special Thank you to everyone in the staff. You cure(d) my injuries and took me to a realization of a big dream. Without all of you it wouldn’t happen.” –Ana maria Meirana*
jersey city physical therapist dr. james with patient ana, and pt aide beverly lagman
**UPDATE:  After the NYC Marathon was cancelled in 2012, Ana continued Physical Therapy sessions & running training sessions with Dr. James and was finally able to achieve her goal of running in the 2013 NYC Marathon.  CONGRATULATIONS, ANA!  We are so PROUD of YOU!!



” I came to therapy because I had Achilles surgery on my right leg.  After therapy, I was able to get back to running and other sports activities.  The course and therapist were very thoughtful and attentive.

I am very grateful to Dr. James, Humberto, Beverly, and staff.  Thanks for the great time!  I would definitely recommend this facility to my friends and family!!” – Ilia Ustilovsky*



I had been experiencing dizziness off and on for some time which got increasingly worse.  My primary care doctor sent me to a neurologist who in turn suggest I try physical therapy to help deal with my problem.

In therapy I learned exercises I could do involving head and eye movements, plus focusing on the way I walk and stand and moving around in general.  So when I do have an “episode” I know little ways now on how to deal with it.

After therapy, I have more confidence that I can deal with with this condition and not let it interfere with my life.  I like that feeling that I have a backup to help me with my problem.  The entire staff were friendly, down to earth people.  Very patient, plus, I had fun!!  I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!” – James M.



Physical Therapist Dr. James with a Jersey City patient

(I came) because of a Dr. recommendation for Vestibular Rehab.  (I had) trouble with my vision, cooking, cutting, and balance.  (After therapy), it was a vast improvement.  My balance & attitude improved.  I’m more sure of myself, and that’s what’s most important.

I like the people, the care & attention.  Everything about the people is FABULOUS!  I would rate you guys #1!  The satisfaction with you guys is wonderful & I rate you the highest for your care.  In fact, I don’t know what I am going to do without you when I move!” – Gladys Kirkinis*


Physical Therapy patient Raylie Dunkel with Humberto

transcribed from video:
“I shattered my wrist, I had surgery.  I really couldn’t move.  I had almost no range of motion, no strength, I was in pain.  After therapy I feel normal.  I just don’t even feel that there had been any trauma; I don’t feel that there was an interruption.  It’s almost as if it disappeared.

I’d like to thank Humberto, I’d like to thank James, and all of the support staff.  I think you’ve all been terrific.  I was very concerned coming in here.  I had never had an injury like that; and you brought down my level of fear and, certainly, the improvement was immediate and appreciated.  So, thank you.” – Raylie Dunkel*



“I came to physical therapy because I injured my back at work by falling down a staircase.  My condition affected my daily life activities because I wasn’t able to work and play football.  It was a moment where I thought football was over for me due to the pain I was having and the seriousness of my injury.  It was difficult for me to sit, drive, and sometimes walk.

I came to Complete Physical rehabilitation and (now) I am able to do all the things that I couldn’t, all without pain.  My daily life is 100% better than it was during the injury.  They really helped me out.  The staff is awesome and they answered every question I had.  I appreciate everything and I want to say thank you so much!!” – Jaimele Wineglass*



“I came after surgery.  I had swelling and some pain in my right arm.  My main complain was disruption in sleep.  (Now) the swelling has gone down & I have full mobility!

I would refer my friends and family.  I liked the friendly atmosphere & most important everything was explained in detail.  The team truly wants to work with the patient’s best interests at the forefront.” – Linda Sneyers*



“I came to physical therapy for my surgically repaired torn ACL.  Before therapy, I couldn’t even do simple activities such as walking or standing up and sitting down properly.

(Now), daily life has improved so much since attending physical therapy at Complete Physical Rehabilitation.  In just a few short months I am able to run and even play basketball again.

I like how my treatment was going at a comfortable pace, yet my condition improved everyday.  I would refer Complete Physical Rehabilitation to all my friends and family as one of the best physical therapy clinics around.  The staff at the clinic is one of the nicest and most helpful I have ever met.  They make rehab a much more pleasant and easier time to getting back to full health. ” – Ralph “Robbe” Maravilla*



(I) woke up one morning w/ nausea & dizziness.  I couldn’t stand up, I could barely walk, I no appetite. I was suffering for 2 months.  My husband was also worried, I had no idea what it was, but I needed help.  I had no social life, I was depressed.

(Now) I am able to do everything I was able to do.  I eat, I have a social life, I get to go out, & my husband is happy.  I am happy.  I prayed for help, and I’m glad I found this place.

I found everything I needed (here).  I felt like I was at home.  Everyone here was pleasant & I was treated wonderfully.  I have referred all my friends & family since I started feeling better.  I am very happy!” – Maria DaSilva*



“I was recommended by my Dr. due to the neck pain and headaches.  It was difficult to sleep at night and it took a while to fall askleep trying to get comfortable.  (Now), I have improved GREATLY and I’m able to sleep better at night.
I was able to feel relaxed and feel comfortable with the staff.  They’re very friendly and helpful and I would refer any of my friends or family members!” – Modesto Sanchez*


“I twisted my left knee when I was running.  My primary doctor recommended me to here.  I hardly walked or ran at the very beginning.  (After therapy), it is much better! I liked (the clinic) and the treatment here very much.  Everything (is) back to normal now.  Thank you everybody!!” – Haixi Lu*



transcribed from full, unedited video:

“I had a total knee replacement.  I felt horrible, because I couldn’t walk.  I had to use a walker.  My legs hurt.  I just felt horrible. (After therapy) I feel great.  I just feel great.  Each day day it just felt like it was getting better and better.  (I liked) the warmness of the people.  The therapists; they cared.  They didn’t rush me, they gave me all the time that I needed.

Dr. Asha, Dr. James, thank you SO much.  And, if you need to come to physical therapy, this is the place to come!  And, when someone has to bring you, just come on in, because the receptionist is so funny, time will fly!” – Linda Curry*



“(I had) extreme left leg pain on stairs, in and our of a car, stepping over the bath tub rail, etc.  Including walking for long periods.

Since my sessions ended I see great improvement in doing normal routines of life.  (I have) very little discomfort now.  (I liked) the very sweet, friendly, and caring staff who really wanted me to get relief and happily resume my normal life without pain.  Thank you ALL!” – Walter Padulo*



“I injured my knee playing sports.  Walking/commuting to work was difficult.  The thought of running and playing sports made me cringe (due to weakness in the knee).
Dr. James is great!  He identified the issue and treated me based on my needs (to play sports again).  The atmosphere is great (friendly, comfortable) and the staff is knowledgable.
I am now able to run and commute to work comfortable.  Also, I will continue to utilize the exercises that were given to me to build strength in my knee.  I will return to sports!” – Stephen Kolar*



“I tore the labrum in my left shoulder.  The injury made it difficult to lift anything, and also hindered the mobility of my arm.  this made putting on a seat belt, jacket, etc. difficult.  From time to time I would also have a constant dull ache in my arm.

Within 6-8 weeks I was 100% back to normal.  I regained a tremendous amount of movement back, and was able to go about daily activities with ease.  I was also able to begin skiing at the beginning of the season as well.

I would absolutely refer friends/family to CPR.  (I enjoyed) talking about (music) with Beverly.  Humberto is ok I guess.  Just kidding, he’s the man!!” – Shawn Cotton*



“I came to physical therapy because I was, for the last three days, suffering (from) shoulder bursitis.  This condition was causing terrible pain, limited range of motion, weakness, and difficulties sleeping.  I had to (take) off my job for 2 days and I was probably (for) 3 full nights not sleeping at all.

At this time and after 5 sessions of therapy I could recover 99% of my shoulder and arm movement with zero pain, I can feel my shoulder (is) strong, and my normal activities can be performed with confidence.  What I liked the most was the professional commitment of Dr. Asha in the rapid relief of my pain, and her dedication for my full recovery of my illness.  I strongly recommend Complete Physical Rehabilitation for their professionalism.” – Juan Umana*



(I came to physical therapy) “Because my back was giving me trouble and I was using a cane for my balance.  I find that after finishing therapy that my back feels good and my balance is great!  I have no pain in my back and I don’t walk with a cane anymore.  I owe it all to my therapist and their caring ways.   I really loved the friendliness of the people there, and had good times in the clinic. ” – Dorothy Farmer*



I have had dizziness problems for over 20 years.  I was recently diagnosed with vertigo.  Since coming here for physical therapy I have received exercises, therapy, and massages that have helped to eliminate the problem in only a few visits!  I am so extremely happy with the environment and the treatment I received in the clinic.  The attitude and pleasant demeanor of Dr. James and the staff really helped as well.” — Pilar Suarez*



“I was in a great deal of pain before I began therapy, but now I feel much, much better!  It was difficult to sit at my desk and concentrate, and the quality of life suffered.  It was also difficult to sleep some times, due to the pain I experienced.

I have made tremendous progress in the past 3 months.  I am able to work all day and more efficiently.  I am able to sleep through the night now.  I am pain free.

This is a great clinic!  You are a very competent, professional group of people, and I really appreciate your help.  Humberto and Beverly are very compentent and encouraging.  No one likes going to PT, but (they) made the experience worthwhile.

I will definitely refer friends & family to your clinic.” –Grant Reed*



Before I cam here, my balance and walking were difficult as a result of my stroke.  I had to walk slowly, and walking was difficult going up and down inclines.  the reason my doctor wanted me to come here is because this is a more individualized, one on one session, which was more beneficial as opposed to a group setting from other places I had been to.  The staff was more personable and you got to know them more because it was a more one on one setting.  This facility also had a little more to offer in terms of diversity of treatment options and equipment.

Now, I feel like it’s a great improvement.  My doctor wants me to continue treatment here which I will.  My walking and balance is greatly improved.  With my balance, it used to rate it  a 10 out of 10 (10 being extremely difficult, unable to hold balance).  Now, I would rated it a only a 3 out of 10, and I’m hoping to get as close as possible to a 0 or 1 out of 10.  My ultimate goal is to use the cane as a safety net only and not rely on it every day, which I think we can achieve.  A part of this treatment is your positive mental attitude, which Humberto and Beverly have instilled in me.  I will recommend this facility to any of my other friends who may need physical therapy!” –Cynthia Jones*



“I came into Complete Physical Rehabilitation with a herniated disc in my back.  I had pain in the lower back that was very much uncomfortable throughout the whole day.

During my time in therapy the pain was almost immediately gone within a few weeks time.  I actually love the physical therapy sessions, because I know I was getting better with each session.  The exercises and techniques were really great for my back.  Humberto was very very friendly and convinced me to work harder in therapy and at home, so much that I recovered much sooner than I expected.

I recommend Complete Physical Rehabilitation to anyone that needs a well organized and pleasant place to recover from their injury.” –Karen Smalls*



“When I came here a month ago, I was feeling dizziness all the time.  I had dizziness for four years already; when I used to watch the football games on TV, when I would wake up in the mornings, and even to walk, I would feel dizzy and get nausea.  When I started therapy and the exercises, I thought to myself that this was a game, and that this wouldn’t work.

But Dr. James explained to me how my eye problems and surgeries may have affected my vision.  He showed me how to use my eyes to my advantage to fix the problem.  As I came here and did the exercises, little by little, the symptoms got less and less, until last week (Labor Day Week), my symptoms were gone.  I couldn’t believe it!  Now with the exercises Dr. James and Dr. Asha gave me, I don’t have any dizziness symptoms at all.  I can enjoy the simple things, like walking or watching football on TV, now.  I thank both Dr. James and his wife, Dr. Asha for their help because I feel totally different now.” –Leonel Lopera*


*All testimonial respondents are actual patients that have given their personal consent (or were given consent by a parent/legal guardian) to share their full name and story



“Before I started physical therapy, I was in a tremendous amount of pain.  My lower back all the way down my legs would hurt.  Now, after physical therapy my back feels great and I have no pain in my back or legs.  My physical therapist has taught me effective ways to relieve the pain in my back which have been working very well.” – T.G.

“Pain was a 9 when I first came in.  Now, pain is down to a 1-2 out of 10.  I am able to do all of my prescribed exercises in the morning before I get out of bed.  I appreciate the good service I received.  This place is much better than other PT therapy centers I had been to.  Thank You!” – J.B.

“When I first arrived I couldn’t straighten my right (arm) at all & had no strength in it.  I couldn’t even make a muscle, but after approximately 7 visits my arm is like it was before I got hurt.  I gained my mobility & strength back & it feels great.  Thank you, doctor.” – H.B.

“When I first came in, I was dizzy, especially when I got out of bed.  I don’t get any dizziness now when I get out of bed, and the room doesn’t spin when I get out of bed or when I sit down.  I can now also walk without feeling dizzy.” – J.D.

“I was in a lot of pain before therapy and could not do any kind of bending.  I would also wake up in the middle of the night with back pain. I am now able to sleep through the night without pain.  Everything feels a lot better now and I’m glad I came here for therapy.” – A.M.