Reviews from patients Who have experienced the Complete Physical Rehabilitation difference


Van's Story
Back To Competing for a brazilian jiu-jitsu champ

Using the AlterG Anti Gravity Treadmill in conjunction with a safe yet intense rehabilitation regimen for his Physical Therapy visits in Jersey City, I can proudly say that Van is now functionally ready to make the transition to working towards competitive BJJ again after only 4 months! He has truly been the model of hard work & perseverance with Physical Therapy in our clinic, and his recovery has been nothing short of amazing. We can't wait to see what happens when he gets back to competing!

Jackie's Story
A Return to life after total knee replacement

Jackie came to us after having a total knee replacement done on her right knee. Initially skeptical as to whether or not she would ever lead a normal physical life again due to the extreme limitations and pain she was experiencing, we are happy to report that with a lot of hard work, our physical therapy efforts have paid off!  Having surgery does NOT mean that you will be a step behind everyone forever. With Physical Therapy, you can make your way back to a normal life!

Russell's story
getting back to sports after a snowboarding accident

Russell came to us after a snowboarding accident left him with severe back pain, with nerve pain radiating down through his legs. The condition left him unable to continue with his daily life normally, including participating in sports, sitting for long periods of time, Now, we're happy to report that, with Physical Therapy, he can continue with skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and ultimate frisbee with minimal discomfort. In addition, he's able to sleep, stand, and work with little to no problems! Congratulations, Russell!

Raylie's Story
Getting back to Normal after Wrist Surgery

Having to go to Physical Therapy can always have you wondering whether you'll ever be back to your old self again. We're so happy to have helped Raylie get her wrist back to feeling normal again with Physical Therapy in our Jersey City clinic. We hope all our patients feel the same way! Our Physical Therapists are specialists in Joint, Vestibular (dizziness), Spine/Back, and Runners Training & Physical Therapy. 

Robbe's Story
A Basketball Player's return from an ACL Tear

As a basketball player, an ACL tear can be a devastating injury. Luckily, it's one that you can recover from. We're so glad to have helped Robbe get back onto the basketball court after his physical therapy treatment at our Jersey City, NJ facility.

Linda's Story
Getting Back on Her feet from a KNEE REPLACEMENT

We were so glad we were able to help Linda get back on her feet! Our Physical Therapists are specialists in Joint Rehabilitation, particularly post-op rehabilitation. In addition, we specialize in Vestibular, Spine/Back, and Runners Training and Physical Therapy.

Anna's Story
A RUNNER'S INSPIRATIONAL battle with lyme disease

Even though the marathon was cancelled in 2012, understandably, due to the terrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we still would like to congratulate our friend Anna on all her years of hard work with us! Thank you for wanting to share your story. You are an inspiration to all of us, and we will be here to help you prepare for next year's marathon! We would also like to encourage everyone to please donate to to help all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Every bit helps!

*Disclaimer - All participants have given written consent to share their full name and story.