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Owned and operated by Physical Therapists since 2004, our Elizabeth and Jersey City Physical Therapy providers have excelled at offering the most dynamic and comprehensive rehabilitation programs available, centered on our one-on-one Physical Therapy & Acupuncture services.

At our facilities you will be working with the most efficient providers of Physical Therapy in Jersey City & Elizabeth.  Unlike other medical specialties, many of which are focused solely on short-term pain relief so that patients must continue endlessly with treatment sessions, our ultimate goal is that when your time with us is completed, we will have given you BOTH pain relief AND the knowledge and tools needed to prevent future symptom recurrences.

Featuring cutting edge technology, including the FIRST and ONLY AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills in Elizabeth and Jersey City, and boasting one of the widest range of specialty certifications in all of New Jersey, our staff, each with 17+ years of experience, is fully prepared to handle any issue that you may have and is committed to enhancing your quality of life.

Rest assured, when you walk out of our clinic, your recovery will be lasting and long term.  We are here to show you that no matter what the situation, there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel!


The Top Specialists in Physical Therapy
Jersey City & Elizabeth


In addition to providing first-class services, our staff has focused in the following areas.



Vestibular Specialists

control your vertigo/dizziness now

With over 17+ years of treatment experience, we are the ONLY Certified Specialists offering Vestibular Physical Therapy programs in Elizabeth, Jersey City, and all of Hudson County.

Spine Specialists

Relieve your back pain With specialized care

Reach for new levels of back pain relief with our McKenzie-Certified Spine treatment. Our Elizabeth & Jersey City Physical Therapists will have you pain-free in no time.


Parkinson's Disease PT

improving quality of life with physical therapy

Get your movement back today at the ONLY LSVT BIG Certified Physical Therapy Clinics in Elizabeth & Jersey City!

The Running Spot

Where All The Runners Come To Treat & Train

Sports Therapy Certified treatment & training programs focused on running, featuring the FIRST & ONLY AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills for Training & Physical Therapy in Elizabeth and Jersey City!

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